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"Water" is the seventh track on Kanye West's ninth studio album Jesus Is King. The song features Ant Clemons as well as additional vocals by the Sunday Service Choir.

First performed at Coachella 2019 on Easter Sunday, the track was initially thought to be intended for Yandhi. The first performance of Water lasted over six minutes and featured Clemons singing unused verses. This version of the track doesn't include West at all and showcases it in an embryonic stage. Along with Everything We Need and Garden, Water was one of the first new tracks to be premiered by West and the Sunday Service Choir. Water wouldn't be performed again for almost another seven months, next being played on November 10, 2019.

When the song was updated for inclusion on Jesus Is King, West added his own, prayer-like verse to track. West also sings a new intro and outro for the song. This version of the track is a leaner, two and a half minutes compared to the earlier Coachella version.

Released Versions[edit]

Title Length Released Version Additional info
Water 2:48 Jesus Is King Studio

Video Versions[edit]

Title Length Version Additional info
Water 6:20 Live April 21, 2019, Coachella

Unreleased Versions[edit]

Title Length Version Additional info
Water Demo Longer with unfinished vocals