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"Use This Gospel" is the tenth track on Kanye West's ninth album Jesus Is King. The song features Clipse and Kenny G.

The song was originally titled "Law of Attraction" and was considered for inclusion on West's scrapped Yandhi album. This version of the track featured Ant Clemons and no contributions from Clipse or Kenny G. West raps two unfinished verses and a guitar solo by Mike Dean is included instead of a saxophone solo by Kenny G.

On January 22, 2020, West collaborator Nino Blu uploaded a reference to SoundCloud that he recorded for the track in September 2018 shortly before his SNL performance. According to Blu, the reference track was recorded during a late night session with engineer Tom Kahre at the Mercer Hotel in London. Blu notes that the reference was mixed by Kahre and drums were provided by Jura Kez. The reference is notable for being the only version of "Law of Attraction" to be mixed in any capacity.

Released Versions[edit]

Title Length Released Version Additional info
Use This Gospel 3:33 Jesus Is King Studio Christian themed lyrics

Unreleased Versions[edit]

Title Length Version Additional info
Use This Gospel 3:33 OG Features Clipse & Kenny G, alternate lines & more production on Kenny G solo, Christian themed lyrics
Law of Attraction 3:21 Demo Features Ant Clemons and full verses from Kanye, Timbaland production
Law of Attraction 3:01 Demo Nino Blu reference, mixed by Tom Kahre in September 2018
Law of Attraction 3:21 Demo Features Meek Mill and Ant Clemons vocals. Snippets were shown on Meek Mill's Instagram. Unknown if anyone has this version,