Up From The Ashes

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"Up From The Ashes" is an unreleased track from Jesus Is King, and a track off of the currently unreleased album Jesus Is King 2.

Originally titled "Beauty From Ashes" before being renamed, the track was first premiered at the Detroit listening party as an opener for Jesus Is King. But eventually was left off the album and replaced by Every Hour as the opener.

Unreleased Versions[edit]

Title Length Version Additional info
Up From The Ashes 2:42 OG Played at the Detroit listening party.
Up From The Ashes 3:04 Remix Remixed by Dr Dre. Has new elements such as drums and Forceleaked by Instagram user kanyeleaksktt.
Glade Demo Demo featuring vocals by Daniel Ceaser and Sean Leon. Snippet available on Sean Leon's Instagram. Lyrics circulated on an Indonesian lyric website.