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"Selah" is the second track on Kanye West's ninth album Jesus Is King, and the first track to feature his vocals. Originally intended for Yandhi, the track was reworked to include Christian themed lyrics and remove any cursing. Selah has become a Sunday Service staple, with it being performed regularly at almost every show since the album's release.

While apart of Yandhi, the song was originally titled "Chakras" and featured a more minimal, stripped down beat than the massive version it developed into. This version of the song included a sample of "Ernie" by Fat Freddy's Drop. In this state, the song also featured The-Dream.

During the later stages of Yandhi, Selah was updated with the production that would eventually make it on the released version of the track. The-Dream was removed and an organ was added to the song as well.

During the Jesus Is King sessions, West again updated the song with the Sunday Service Choir providing vocals during the bridge of the song. This new portion of the song samples "Hallelujah, Salvation, and Glory" written by Stephen A. Hurd, which was eventually adapted into Revelation 19:1 for Sunday Service Choir's Jesus Is Born album. Before adding the new Christian lyrics, West first kept the original lyrics and muted the cursing. This version of the song was featured in the Jesus Is King IMAX film and also played at the listening parties.

Released Versions[edit]

Title Length Released Version Additional info
Selah 2:45 Jesus Is King Studio Christian themed lyrics

Unreleased Versions[edit]

Title Length Version Additional info
Selah 3:01 OG Played at the Detroit listening party on September 27, 2019 and during the intro to the IMAX movie, choir added and cursing censored
Selah 2:47 OG Played at LA Forum listening party. Has choir in intro. Desiigner adlibs are present.
Selah 2:47 OG Same instrumental as JIK release. Features Desiigner adlibs from Yandhi version. Minor lyric changes. File was created 2 days prior to JIK release.
Selah 3:29 OG Different beat to Chakras, likely the OG version of Selah before a secular verse was recorded
Chakras 3:11 OG Original beat and The-Dream feature
Chakras 3:11 Demo Features vocals from Ant Clemons, The-Dream and Desiigner. Confirmed to be owned by Alek.