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"Everything We Need" is the sixth track on Kanye West's ninth studio album Jesus Is King. Originally titled The Storm, the track was first intended for West's scrapped album Yandhi. Ty Dolla $ign and Ant Clemons are featured on vocals.

The earliest known version of the track dates back to recording sessions in Chicago during the fall of 2018. Created during a freestyle session involving West, Clemons, and Chance The Rapper, the song was produced by Ronny J and was then titled The Storm. An affiliate of Ronny J's, the late XXXTENTACION, was featured on these early cuts of the track. His vocals were posthumously added from an unreleased remix he made of Lil Baby's hit song "Yes Indeed".

On September 29, 2018, West performed on Saturday Night Live to promote his upcoming Yandhi album. Earlier in the day, a fan came across a mixing session of the album from West's hotel. He uploaded a snippet of The Storm with Kid Cudi on vocals, further stating that Mike Dean hoped to get the album's mixing done by that night. We can assume that Cudi and XXXTENTACION would share the spotlight if this version of the track was released around SNL. A whiteboard from that day containing the tracks being mixed referred to XXXTENTACION next to the song's title.

Later, the song was updated for West's Jesus Is King album, featuring all new Christian themed lyrics and a new title. XXXTENTACION's verse was removed from this version, presumably because it was impossible for him to rerecord his vocals to fit the new direction of the track. Instead, West added a new verse rapped by himself in place of XXXTENTACION's old one.

Released Versions[edit]

Title Length Released Version Additional info
Everything We Need 1:56 Jesus Is King Studio Secular lyrics

Unreleased Versions[edit]

Title Length Version Additional info
The Storm 2:16 OG Sunday Service Choir provides backing vocals, XXXTENTACION verse removed apart from the line "Okay I'm turnt"
The Storm 2:46 OG Features XXXTENTACION and production by Timbaland and Ronny J.
The Storm OG Features XXXTENTACION and production by Ronny J. Features trap drums and new sound effects. Previewed in a snippet where Ronny J plays it for a fan.
The Storm 3:02 OG, SNL Features Kid Cudi & XXXTENTACION and production by Ronny J.