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Turbo Grafx 16 is an unreleased studio album by Kanye West. It was announced by West on Twitter [1] in February 2016. It was most likely meant to release mid-late 2016.

Turbo Grafx 16
Unreleased album by
Kanye West
RecordedFebruary 2016 - December 2016
LabelGOOD Music

Sessions and Recording[edit]

Background Information[edit]

Sessions for Turbo Grafx 16 began February 29th, 2016 according to an Instagram post made by Ibn Jasper, Kanye’s barber. It shows Kanye working in a recording studio with Kid Cudi, Mike Dean, and Plain Pat. [2]

A month later, on March 28th, 2016, Quavo posted a picture of him in a studio with West, Migos, Lil Yachty, Vic Mensa, Big Sean, and Tyler, the Creator, after recording for Turbo Grafx 16. This was likely when Hold Tight and Face Down were recorded. "TURBO GRAFX 16" is written on the wall behind them. [3]

Kanye also worked with Post Malone and Justin Bieber around this time, producing both No Reason and Jealous during what is likely the same session.

Sessions most likely ran until at least December, because of a post by Pete Rock which shows him in the studio with Kanye on the 8th, and showing what is considered to be a source list for TurboGrafx-16. [4]


Joe Perez said that artwork was never made for the album and that it was a working title, at least before he left DONDA in May 2016. [5]

Potential Tracks[edit]

While we do not have any official tracklist from this era, the following tracks have leaked that were slated for release on the project.


1. The cover shown above is not an official cover, it is a fanmade one made by Reddit users feflol and interlockshorts.